Marketing consistency

13 11 2006

When you’re out promoting your product, think about the message you want to convey to your customers.  Ensure that every part of your campaign is consistent around that central message. Sounds obvious, but it doesn’t happen every time. Case in point:

While watching the Giants-Bears Sunday Night Football game, the latest Nissan Maxima commercials were being broadcast. If you haven’t seen them yet, there are two flavors:

  • The first touts a smooth ride highlighting “zero gear-shift shock”. That’s just a fancy term for minimal jerks when the automatic transmission moves through the gears.
  • The second touts the car as an exhilarating ride, and to prove their point they show the driver changing the gears on an automatic transmission. Lets leave aside the point that in automatic transmissions you hardly have to change gears while in motion. Most car commercials do that.

If you look at both these ads together, what is the message that Nissan wants us to take away after viewing them? Is the Maxima a smooth, semi-luxury car or a sports car? You tell me…




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